[Building Sakai] Video + desktop streaming in Sakai

Adrian Fish a.fish at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Feb 2 05:42:29 PST 2010

I'm currently playing with BigBlueButton (http://bigbluebutton.org/) 
which seems promising. Agora hasn't got a great deal of room for 
development seeing how the JMF got more or less dumped by Sun years ago. 
If JMF had more codecs in it and Agora got updated maybe it would be 
viable - I still love the Agora interface for example - but I just don't 
see it as feasible. I was actually thinking of investigating Red5 for an 
update of Agora but it seems crazy when BBB is around and open source.



Wilhelm Kleu wrote:
> Hello all
> We are investigating options to provide video and/or desktop streaming 
> in Sakai.
> The contrib projects Agora and Live Virtual Classroom (with Elluminate) 
> seems worth investigating regarding this. From the logs of this mailing 
> list we also identified Red5 and Adobe Flash Media server as 
> possibilities. Can anyone recommend any other Sakai projects or products 
> that provide Sakai integration (or can be easily integrated with Sakai) 
> that are worth looking into?
> What are institutions that is currently running Sakai using for video or 
> desktop streaming?
> Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
> Regards
> Wilhelm Kleu
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