[Announcements] Sakai Newsletter April 21, 2011

Margaret Wagner mwagner at umich.edu
Wed Apr 27 11:40:45 PDT 2011

Sakai Newsletter

April 21 , 2011

1.  From the Executive Director

2.  Sakai CLE 2.8.0 Released

3.  Jforum 2.8.1 is Available for Sakai 2.7.1

4.  Melete 2.8.2 is Now Available for Sakai 2.7.1

5.  Mneme 2.1.2 is Available for Sakai 2.7.1

6.  Release Announcement: Profile2 1.3.15

7.  Jasig-Sakai Common Foundation Value Proposition Document

8.  Jim Farmer Appointed Foundation Board Treasurer

9.  AuSakai 2011 "Towards an Open Academic and Collaborative Environment"

10. Article:  University of Michigan's Future Efforts Towards Sakai OAE

11. Pepperdine University Joins the Sakai Foundation

12. Josh Baron Receives an NGLC (Next Generation Learning Challenges) Grant

13. uMobile Project Announcement: Call for Participation

14. T & L Birds of a Feather Session at the LA Conference in June

15. Job Opening: Longsite Group Sakai Developer

16. Kuali Job Announcements

17. Recent Email Group Discussions

18. Events

1. From the Executive Director

Please read the "April Exec Director Update" on Ian Dolphin's blog at:


2. Sakai CLE 2.8.0 Released

On behalf of the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE)  
Technical Coordination Committee, I am pleased to announce the release  
of the Sakai CLE, version 2.8.0.

The Sakai CLE 2.8.0 builds on previous releases by refining and  
stabilizing the 2.x feature set. It offers dozens of new features and  
improvements to key areas like accessibility, internationalization,  
performance, and security.

Among the many enhancements included in the 2.8.0 release, noteworthy  
items include:
- Configurable URL shortening service
- reCAPTCHA support for logins
- Collapsible portal navigation menu
- Mobile portal UI improvements
- Experimental CKEditor implementation
- Respondus question import handling
- Customizable letter grades in assignments
- Support for IMS BasicLTI outcomes and improved external integration  
- Enhanced user profile options
- Persistent event logging for Quartz Scheduler jobs
- Improved integration with external user providers (e.g., LDAP)
- Inclusion of many new webservices
- Updated language packs (Chinese, Dutch, French Canadian, Spanish,  
Portuguese, Turkish and Vietnamese)
- Feature to set open/close dates for discussion boards, forums and  
topics and sort the threads
- Ability to preview message prior to sending in Messages tool
- Ability for site authors to change display order of announcements

A full list of features can be found in the release documentation at  

Obtaining the 2.8.0 release
- Release artifacts are available at:  http://source.sakaiproject.org/release/
- Release documentation including install guides is available at:   

Sakai 2.8.0 is licensed under the Educational Community License, version 2.0.

Older releases
With the release of the Sakai 2.8 series, official Community support  
for Sakai 2.6 ceases. Organizations running Sakai 2.6 (or earlier  
versions) are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest versions of  
Sakai 2.7 or 2.8 in order to take advantage of continued maintenance  

Our thanks go out to the dedicated Sakai Community volunteers from  
around the world for their tireless work on this release.

Megan May
Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) Chair
mmmay at indiana.edu

3. Jforum 2.8.1 is Available for Sakai 2.7.1

Download JForum 2.8.1
Instructions on how to download and build JForum 2.8.1 can be found  
at: http://etudes.org/release/discussion/

Download our updated Jforum tutorials in IMS CP or pdf format at the  
above page.

Features and Fixes
New features in this release include the following:
- "Special access" in Jforum. Allows instructors to change the access  
dates of a forum for one or more students.
- Added Synoptic tool for Jforum in Home Page. Recent activity (new  
posts or private messages) is listed and takes you directly to recent  
topics and your inbox.
- Implemented open and due dates (with lock on due date option) in Categories.
- Added "high priority" notification option to Private Messaging.  
Overrides user's notification preference.
- Added ability to release scores and comments to students selectively  
or release all evaluated posts at once.
- Added support for Facebook and Twitter under "My Profile" and on  
users' posts.
- Revised UI under Manage to allow instructors to set the dates of  
forums from one view.
- Swapped behavior from "Mark Topic As Read" to "Mark Topic As  
Unread." If opened, topics are marked as read automatically.

For a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes addressed,  
please see: http://etudes.org/release/discussion/jforum_past.htm

Future Development
For information on future development, see:  

JForum Discussion & Private Messages is an easy-to-use, yet robust  
tool that offers industry-standard functionality to users. Instructors  
can set up unlimited categories and forums, moderate topics (move,  
edit, delete, lock, or unlock), read recent topics and mark them as  
read, watch and bookmark topics, communicate privately with users, and  
much more. Jforum offers support for private group work and powerful,  
yet flexible functionality for grading of discussion topics and  
forums. JForum comes with built-in private messaging that allows site  
members to communicate privately while discussing issues or  
collaborating on projects.

Many thanks to Murthy Tanniru, Senior Java Developer, Etudes, for his  
great work with Jforum.

The original JForum source code is licensed under the BSD License.  
Code development managed under the leadership of Etudes (since 2004)  
is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

To report issues or ask questions about Jforum, send a message to  
dev at etudes.org or sakai-dev at collab.sakaiproject.org

Vivie Sinou
Executive Director, Etudes, Inc.

4. Melete 2.8.2 is Now Available for Sakai 2.7.1

Download Melete
Instructions on how to download and build Melete 2.8.2 can be found  
at: http://etudes.org/release/melete/

Download our updated Melete tutorials in IMS CP or pdf format at the  
above page.

Features and Fixes
New features in this release include:
- "Special access" feature in Melete. Enables instructors to modify  
the access dates of a module (i.e., extend the close date or open a  
module sooner) for one or more students to accommodate special needs.
- Bookmark Functionality in Melete. Includes the ability to bookmark  
module sections and specify the last visited content section. Allows  
users (both students and instructors) to take notes of their  
bookmarked materials. Offers the ability to export the notes of  
bookmarks in a plain text file.
- Update license data of all Modules with a couple of clicks (Preferences).

For a complete list of features, improvements, and fixes addressed in  
this release, see: http://etudes.org/release/melete/melete_past.htm

Future Development
For information on future development, see:  

Many thanks to Rashmi Maheshwari and Mallika Thoppay, Learning Systems  
Developers, Etudes, Inc. for their ongoing work in Melete.

Melete, a lesson builder tool (a.k.a. Modules), allows instructors to  
publish learning sequences that can be created by using a rich text  
editor, uploading learning objects, or pointing to existing URL  
resources. Instructors can design content that supports instructor  
facilitated learning or system managed self-study. Lessons can be  
released automatically based on start and stop dates. Melete supports  
IMS Content Packaging and SCORM 2004 export. Melete stores its content  
in a private area of content hosting.

Melete is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For reporting issues or questions about Melete, send a message to  
dev at etudes.org or sakai-dev at collab.sakaiproject.org

Vivie Sinou
Executive Director, Etudes, Inc.

5. Mneme 2.1.2 is Available for Sakai 2.7.1

Download and Install Mneme 2.1.2
Download Mneme from our release page: http://etudes.org/mneme/download.html

Features and Fixes
Highlights since the last public release of Mneme include:
- Implement "Download All" for essay / task submissions
- Lift modification restrictions of locked / published assessments
- Implement "formal course evaluation" option for survey assessments
- Add ability to publish many assessments with a couple of clicks
- Add text paste import to pool import; supports 12 question types
- Enclosing text in double curly brackets shows in red for students
- Support QTI 1.2 import (Respondus implementation)
- Include "View All" in student's assessment list (tries)
- Sort questions by creation date
- Add submission start date to some UIs
- Add support for guests
- and much more. . .

For a complete list of Jira issues addressed in this release, please  
see: http://etudes.org/mneme/past-releases.html

Future Development
For information on open issues and future development, see:  

Mneme is a comprehensive assessment engine that consists of an  
authoring module for creating questions and managing pools; a module  
for publishing assignments, tasks, tests and surveys; a grading module  
for evaluating assessments, optionally integrated with the Gradebook;  
and a delivery module for administering assessments to students.  
Additionally, a test-drive component allows instructors to take  
assessments as students.

Many thanks to our technical Lead: Glenn Golden, Chief Architect, Etudes!

Mneme is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For technical or user support questions or to report issues, please  
contact us at dev at etudes.org or sakai-dev at sakaiproject.org

Vivie Sinou
Executive Director, Etudes, Inc.

6. Release Announcement: Profile 2  1.3.15

I am proud to announce a new release of Profile2 in the 1.3 series.

Version Profile2 1.3.15

Profile2 is a complete redesign and redevelopment of the existing  
Profile tool in Sakai. It gives you more of a Facebook-style interface  
for editing your profile.

In addition, you have a comprehensive set of Privacy controls to allow  
you to choose who can see what part(s) of your Profile.

With Profile2 you can post updates (integrated with Twitter), search  
for people with common interests, view their profiles, view their  
connections, add them as a connection, and much more.

Profile2 can be run seamlessly alongside the existing profile in Sakai  
and integrates with the Roster tool.

Works with Sakai 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8

Database upgrade
There is no database upgrade required that is specific to this  
release. However, there have been two previous database upgrades  
required for the 1.3.x release series. You should ensure you have  
applied both the 1.3.x-1.3.9 and 1.3.x-1.3.14 upgrade scripts, located  
in the docs/database directory, or here if you are using a binary  

Please note that a bug exists in the Oracle version of the 1.3.x-1.3.9  
upgrade script, which is present in 1.3.9. This has been fixed so you  
should use the version bundled in the 1.3.10 release or later.

Availability SVN:  

Deployers running Sakai 2.7 should perform the following steps to upgrade:
1. Update the <sakai.profile2.version> in $SAKAI_SRC/master/pom.xml to 1.3.15
2. Remove profile2-help-.jar and profile2-api-.jar from  
$CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib 3. Rebuild/redeploy the core-deploy project  
to fetch the new release and install it into Tomcat
4. Apply any database patches as necessary

Deployers building from source should perform the following steps:
1. Checkout the 1.3.15 tag using the SVN link above
2. Remove profile2-help-.jar and profile2-api-.jar from  
$CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib 3. Build and deploy the 1.3.15 tag
4. Apply any database patches as necessary

This is a maintenance release which fixes an issue identified in the  
1.3 branch related to the display of remote profile images in other  
tools such as the Roster and Clog. It also fixes a socket exception  
associated with the same issue, when a Sakai instance is served via  
SSL and a remote profile image is requested.

For full details of the features and fixes in this release, see:  

And as always, for full installation and configuration instructions,  
see: http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/PROFILE/Profile2

Known issues
If a user has no profile image, and the Roster integration is  
activated, then the Roster will show the default image "No Official  
Photo is Available" even if official photos are not being used. This  
text could be misleading to some. The fix is to simply replace the  
image that Roster ships with to be the generic "no image" from  
Profile2. This may be addressed in a future release.

Thanks to the following Sakai community members (in no particular  
order) for their involvement in this release:
Jean-Francois Leveque
Raad Al-Rawi

Profile2 is released under the Educational Community License Version 2.0.

Steve Swinsburg
steve.swinsburg at gmail.com

7. Jasig-Sakai Common Foundation Value Proposition Document

Please read the latest on the Jasig-Sakai Common Foundation Value  
Proposition at  

Josh Baron
Co-Chair, Jasig-Sakai Joint Working Group
josh.baron at marist.edu

8. Jim Farmer Appointed Foundation Board Treasurer

I am pleased to announce that Jim Farmer, formerly Sakai Project  
Community Liaison, and currently a member of the Scholarly Systems  
Group of Georgetown University, has been appointed Sakai Foundation  
Board Treasurer. Jim brings considerable experience in both business  
and education to the role, and I look forward to working with him.

Ian Dolphin
Executive Director, Sakai Foundation
iandolphin at sakaifoundation.org

9. AuSakai 2011 "Towards an Open Academic and Collaborative Environment"

The Australian National University is pleased to announce AuSakai 2011  
"Towards an Open Academic and Collaborative Environment." The  
conference will be held on the 13-14 of September in Canberra and will  
be open to all universities and organisations that are using or  
considering using Sakai.

This conference arrives as the community is experiencing significant  
growth and innovation. Exciting new development projects are underway  
with collaboration from designers, developers, and faculty members.  
Our community is expanding rapidly with new adoption of Sakai, new  
investment in Sakai, and emerging partnerships with other higher  
education communities. Our collective knowledge of the practices and  
pedagogies that enable us to improve learning and collaboration  
through the use of technology has never been greater.

We are also very excited to announce our international keynote  
speakers for this conference: Ian Dolphin, Lance Speelmon and Josh  

When and Where: Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 September 2011
Location: The Australian National University, Canberra
Networking Dinner: 13 September 2011

Call for Presentations

Call for presentations opened on the 31st of March and will close on  
the 27th of May, and is targeting the themes of Collaboration,  
Education (Academic) and Technical.

We encourage you to submit a presentation and be a part of this  
growing community.

Proposal Guidelines

The conference session presentations will run for 45 minutes with an  
open format. The session may include a 30-minute presentation with 10  
minutes for questions and answers.

You may choose to organise a panel discussion, or a very brief setup  
of a topic for more detailed discussion with the session participants.  
We encourage presentations be related to the Sakai software.

When developing presentations, please consider the issues,  
opportunities and innovations that are most central to success in  
technology-enabled teaching, learning, research and collaboration.  
Presentations and workshops should fit within one of the themes:  
Collaboration, Education (Academic) or Technical.

Please download the "Call for Presentation Proposals" form from our  
website to apply.  http://ausakai.anu.edu.au

Your completed proposal should be returned by Friday 27 May 2011 to:  
ausakai at anu.edu.au

For further details, please visit:  http://ausakai.anu.edu.au

Steve Swinsburg
steve.swinsburg at gmail.com

10. Article:  "University of Michigan Invests in Expanded Open Source  
Academic Technologies"

 From the article:
"Try imagining writing software that can reliably handle more than  
45,000 class sites and an additional 40,000 research or administrative  
project sites 24/7, 365 days a year.

"Now add in the capability to personalize and customize those class  
and project sites, incorporate the ability to integrate with numerous  
external services like social networks, and, of course, make all of  
this accessible wherever you are in the world.

"Now you have some idea of the task ahead for the Sakai Foundation  
developers working on the Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE), the  
next-generation academic technology platform that ultimately will  
replace the current version of CTools, U-M's course management system,  
over the next three to five years."

For the full article, please see  

11. Pepperdine University Joins the Sakai Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Pepperdine University has joined the  
Sakai Foundation Partners Program.  "Universities like Pepperdine play  
a crucial role in creating the direction and leading the future  
development of the Sakai software and community," said Ian Dolphin,  
Sakai Foundation executive director. "We welcome Pepperdine as a  
member and look forward to continuing to enhance our collaborative  
partnership in building the future of the Sakai community."

12. Josh Baron Receives an NGLC (Next Generation Learning Challenges) Grant

Josh Baron has received an NGLC Grant for The Open Academic Analytics  
Initiative (OAAI).

 From the list of winners  

"The Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAAI) will engage in a  
combination of technical work, pilot activities, and exploratory  
research to provide institutions of higher education with a scalable,  
open academic-analytics solution along with initial insights into how  
to successfully apply this solution in diverse educational  
environments. To accomplish this, the OAAI, will build on an existing  
prototype to develop an open "student effort data" API for the  
open-source Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment -- currently in  
use in over 300 institutions -- and employ it to pilot the application  
of academic analytics in a range of academic settings."

To learn more about Next Generation Learning Challenges, see  

Luke Fernandez
luke.fernandez at gmail.com

13. uMobile Project Announcement: Call for Participation

Jasig is launching uMobile, a new initiative that will help  
institutions expedite the delivery of campus applications, content,  
and data to everyone using mobile devices.

uMobile is the latest addition to the tried and true line of Jasig  
community open source projects.  As with all Jasig projects, this is  
100% free and open source.  This project will offer a whole new user  
experience, while leaving institutions in the driver's seat by  
providing a delivery platform that is built upon the proven  
enterprise-quality Jasig frameworks.

Jasig is requesting the participation of colleges and universities as  
contributing stakeholders or early adopters in incubating this new  
open source project. This team of original contributing stakeholders  
will have the ability to influence the direction of the project. Jasig  
is specifically seeking qualified software developers to join in the  
uMobile development effort, and financial support of the initiative.

With uMobile, colleges and universities will be able to deliver  
customized content and functionality into branded apps that render on  
mobile devices (smartphones). Initial native support will be for the  
Android and iPhone. uMobile will enable a single code base to provide  
both browser-based and native-app functionality. Early features in  
uMobile will include campus maps, directory, announcements, search,  
courses, course schedule, campus news/ RSS, and calendar. Native  
device integration will include contacts, maps, and email composition.  
uMobile will boast technologies and development tools for  
authentication and authorization, user and group management, and  
layout management capabilities. These technologies and tools are built  
on the production-proven uPortal framework.

In addition to ongoing development, marketing initiatives are underway  
to create a project Web presence and to showcase the project at the  
Jasig Conference in May (see  
http://www.jasig.org/jasigs-spotlight-open-source ). uMobile will be  
demonstrated at the April 14th uPortal Community Call (see  
http://www.jasig.org/april-2011-uportal-community-call). It is  
anticipated that the uMobile initiative will become a fully sponsored  
Jasig project. uMobile is currently governed by the uPortal Steering  
Committee, specifically under the new uMobile Working Group.  The  
group is currently made up of members representing University of Hull,  
University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, Yale University,  
Unicon, and others.

To get involved, please contact Patty Gertz, the Jasig Executive  
Director, by email at ed at jasig.org.

14. T & L Birds of a Feather Session at the LA Conference in June


The Teaching and Learning group will hold a Birds of the Feather (BoF)  
session at the LA Conference in June. This is a great opportunity to  
get involved, or stay current, with the T&L group's activities. The  
session will be a general meeting, followed by breakout groups for the  
current activities of T&L group: Design Lenses, Distance Learning,  
Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award, and more.

Mark Your Calendars! The BoF has been scheduled during lunch on  
Thursday June 16. Look for the tables flagged for the T&L group.

More information on the BoF and other Teaching & Learning events can  
found at: https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/x/igl6B

We hope you can join us, and bring a friend.

Robert M. Coyle
Instructional Technology and Distance Education
Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals
rcoyle at jhu.edu

15.  Job Opening: Longsite Group Sakai Developer

The Longsight Group is looking for an experienced developer to join  
our team of Sakai experts who contribute to our clients' success and  
to the Sakai community.

Longsight builds, customizes, hosts, and supports open-source  
applications for higher education and non-profit clients. We are a  
rapidly growing firm with a national reputation for outstanding  
service and deep understanding of our higher education and non-profit  
clients. You can learn more about Longsight at http://www.longsight.com

You will thrive in this position if you are a conscientious and  
independent worker who creates sustainable code, is articulate,  
organized, and can learn new systems quickly.

You will earn a very competitive salary plus fully paid  
health/dental/vision/life insurance, vacation days and retirement plan.

As Longsight continues to grow, you will have the opportunity to  
expand your scope of work, take on additional responsibilities, hire  
additional developers, manage staff, travel to conferences, and evolve  
your position as the company expands.

Applicants with a strong history of working remotely will be considered.

Longsight has staff in New York, Ohio and California.

Required credentials for this position are:
- strong experience with Java, Spring, Hibernate, SOA, web services
- experience with MySQL and database optimization
- excellent communication skills -- both oral and written
- ability to work independently
- results and detail-oriented
- a bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution

Desired qualifications are:
- software development in a higher education environment
- experience with open source and community source projects
- experience with Sakai

To apply

Your application should consist of a brief cover letter and resume  
emailed to search at longsight.com.  We will confirm receipt of your  
application by email.

Tell us in your brief cover letter why your skills, experience, and  
work style meet or exceed our expectations. Your resume should provide  
the details of your education and work experience along with the names  
and email addresses of three references.

Please do not request letters of your referees at this time. This  
search will remain open until the position is filled.

Scott Siddall
siddall at longsight.com

16.  Kuali Job Announcements

Kuali Rice Configuration Manager

rSmart is currently seeking a Configuration Manager to support the  
development of the    Kuali Rice enterprise class middleware suite  
which serves as the foundation of the Kuali family of products. The  
Kuali Foundation, a partnership among higher education institutions  
across the world, is developing a comprehensive suite of open,  
modular, distributed and community-built administrative software.

The Configuration Manager is responsible for project infrastructure to  
support development, deployment, and release of Kuali Rice software  
including version control, bug tracking, documentation, databases,  
integration environments, test environments, and release processes.


Kuali Technical Support Specialist

rSmart is currently seeking a junior-level Technical Support  
Specialist to support the infrastructure for the development of the  
Kuali enterprise class family of software products including Kuali  
Rice, Kuali Financial System, Kuali Coeus, Kuali Student, Kuali OLE,  
Kuali Ready, Kuali People Management for the Enterprise, and other  
incubation projects. The Kuali Foundation (http://kuali.org/), a  
partnership among higher education institutions across the world, is  
developing a comprehensive suite of open, modular, distributed and  
community-built administrative software.

The Technical Support Specialist is responsible for supporting the  
project infrastructure including Google Apps for Education,  
Confluence, Jira, Amazon EC2, subversion, Kuali Information System  
(KIS), Drupal, and Fisheye used for collaboration and development of  
Kuali software. Project and community members are geographically  
dispersed so support will be remotely administered. This position  
reports to the Director of Enterprise Infrastructure on the Kuali Rice  


Nate Angell Client Evangelist
http://twitter.com/xolotl http://xolotl.org

17.  Recent Email Group Discussions

[Using Sakai] AuSakai 2011 -- Call for papers (reminder)  

[Building Sakai] Is anyone working in Sakai with cloud computing?  

[Building Sakai] Turnitin issue with new users  

[Building Sakai] [Deploying Sakai] Access JSTOR from Sakai  

[Building Sakai] CLOG tool question  

[Building Sakai] MSGCNTR-377  

[Building Sakai] Proposal for Sakai CLE mobile app  

[Building Sakai] Jira: Lesson Builder project added  

[Building Sakai] Multiple Sakai installs  

[Building Sakai] KNL-342 and tool registration files  

[Building Sakai] Neo Portal (SAK-19813) To Be merged into Trunk  

[Building Sakai] Issues once i upload big files to lessons tools  

[Building Sakai] Sakai CLE Project Coordination Meetings in LA  

[Building Sakai] Hebrew and arabic puntuation (SAK-16202)  

[Building Sakai] svncopy.pl  

[Building Sakai] Local branch of purepoms?  

[Building Sakai] Sakai & MathJax  

[Using Sakai] Neo Portal (SAK-19813) To Be merged into Trunk  

[Using Sakai] Playing with the 'Neo Portal' from Sakai 2.9  

18. Events

Jasig's Spotlight on Open Source Conference
May 23 - 25, 2011
Supplementary Seminars May 22nd and 25th
Developer Days, May 26 - 27
Westin Westminster
10600 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, Colorado 80020 USA
Hotel Front Desk: +1-303.410.5000
Toll Free, Reservations only: 1.800.937.8461

Sakai North American Conference
June 14 -16, 2011
Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles.
June 13 and 16 -- pre-conference workshops and project coordination  
meetings www.sakaiproject.org/sakai-conference-2011

AuSakai 2011 "Towards an Open Academic and Collaborative Environment"
Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 September 2011
Location: The Australian National University, Canberra
Networking Dinner: 13 September 2011
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